Offering No 4 Handstitched Clamshell Book Sculpture. Shabby chic decor white

Предложение № 4 - Рукодельный Скульптура Clamshell книга

Offering No 4 Handstitched Clamshell Book Sculpture by odelae: "An ode to the Salish Sea.... from a shell discovered on the ocean floor off the coast of Orcas Island, a beautiful and sculptural clam shell hand bound book

This listing is for the 3rd edition of this clam shell book

Please note~ all clam shells books will vary due to their organic nature. Some shells are more white, some have a greenish color, some more aged by the elements, some large, some smaller, some even have beautiful barnacle shells attached... please keep these variations in mind when you purchase. If you'd like I can provide a photograph of your options before I package it up OR you can surrender and allow the perfect clam shell to be sent your way:)"

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