Clock Aqua Polka Dot OrigamiLarge. Spring type, Rustic style, Vintage, clock

Clock Aqua Polka Dot Origami-Large

Магнитная доска Picture Frame Аква Чирок Синий Белый Детский Декор Изысканная 5x7 4x6 - - НОВЫЙ ПУНКТ

Красный & Аква партии напитков Kit
Clock Aqua Polka Dot OrigamiLarge by Giftedpapers on Etsy: "Gift giving just got easier.

The face of this clock is a form of origami. I've folded beautiful, aqua, polka dot paper from Nepal to form the face. The pieces are attached to a pine wooden disk. It measures 9" in diameter and is wall mountable. The quartz movement uses one AA battery (not included) and is extremely accurate.
Magnet Board Picture Frame Aqua Teal Blue White

Red & Aqua Party Drink Kit 

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