Medieval Candle Casting Mold

Medieval Candle Casting Mold

Medieval Candle Casting Mold by ekkotre on Etsy: "Through the 14th to 15th centurys, many Europeans found themselves in the unenviable position of having burned the majority of their trees for use in their foundries and, were forced to develop ways to extend their limited fuel supplies. Handmade wooden candle molds were one result of this thrust-upon frugality. Casting candles in wooden molds was nearly 98% more fuel efficient than hand dipping them and, the practice remained in place until sheet metal molds were developed some 100 years later

Based on the sole remaining 15th century example of this type of mold, I have faithfully reproduced this mold in the same unprocessed, black walnut that was used to create the original and, updated the design with steel bolts to replace the leather straps that were used on the original (it is much, much easier to use this way). The assembled mold is finished with real live, organically 'produced' shellac for durability and, rubbed with grape seed oil for the auguries of use

Very limited availability. Obtaining sufficient quantities of unprocessed black walnut in this century is, unfortunately, extremely difficult

Makes 8 tapers per pour "

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