VINTAGE Oak wood box with 6 bottles The original

VINTAGE Oak wood box with 6 bottles The original by FrenchGypsy:
VINTAGE Oak wood box with 6 bottles The original FRENCH Energy Drink.

"Discovered in our local French flea market, a vintage, possibly antique (more than 100 years old) Oak wood box still containing its original 6 bottles. These bottles rarely appear, and then only 1 if you are lucky , so to discover all 6 together, and in their box is a real find.

Of all the 6 bottles, one still retains its label. Quintonin was the energy drink of its time. Some of the ingredients, theres: Cola (which must be the cocaine derivative once used in the old coca~cola) and Genetian, both these are known to give stamina. There are several other ingredients too, plus instructions on how to consume it on the bottle. For fatigue, lassitude, anemia, and weakness.

The other bottles, although without their labels have Quintonin embossed into the glass.

The Oak box looks handmade, inside it is divided into compartments, one for each bottle. A single large hinge and a latch hook type closure for the lid. The wood feels like it has been waxed.

In excellent vintage condition, both box and all 6 bottles.

Box: 7.5' tall, just over 6.5' wide, almost 5' deep
or 19cms x 10.5cms x 12cms
Bottles: 6' tall or 15cms

Weight 1600g or over 3.5 ibs"
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